Saturday, March 2, 2013

the Engagement

If your grandmother is a quilter and your mother is a quilter, and an heirloom sewing enthusiast (not to mention the hundred or so aprons she has designed and made), then how do you propose marriage to the love of your life? With a banner of little apron like banners your mother has made for you, of course.

My grandson, Robert, proposed to the love of his life, Elizabeth, this is her birthday weekend. They are at the family summer cottage in Black Mountain, NC. The house is on a small lake in the town with the Blue Ridge mountains in the background. Over 25 years ago Robert's father proposed to his mother in nearby Franklin, NC. A family tradition?

Elizabeth also sews, so she will fit right into our family like hand to glove. We have already come to love her. She is a very special young woman. If you are going to the Charlotte Quilt Quilter's Guild Show in Charlotte, NC next week, you can meet her. I have taken a vendor booth to sell my rulers and books and Elizabeth is coming with me to help in the booth.

Ellen (my daughter) says that Robert's youngest sister, Madeline thought up the idea of using a banner for the proposal and Woody, the family dog, helped. You can see from the photo that Woody is trying to turn the banner into a tug-toy, but it's too big for him to drag away. 

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