Thursday, March 22, 2018

When Friends Quilt - They Make Pineapples

Here is an email I just received from an enthusiastic quilter.

"My friend, Rita and I have taken a LOT of classes in the 25 plus years we have been quilting - two of remembrance were Pineapple quilt classes.  Unfortunately, after buying all of the books, assorted rulers, and class attendance we were still not very excited about the process although we very much wanted to make a Pineapple quilt.

The Creative Grids Pineapple Trim Tool for 6, 8 or 10in Finished Blocks changed everything for us and we are now happily scouring our stashes for prospects for making more and more blocks!  Recently we attended a couple of all day workshops - at every one we had inquiries about the ruler that made things SO EASY!  

I believe this ruler would also lend itself very well to projects with multiple participants as the finished product always yields a standard size block.  This is so important when combining the efforts of many quilters into one group participation quilt!  Many of us have bad memories of block swaps where ultimately the blocks gathered from multiple contributors (with a variety of skill levels) leave one struggling to somehow homogenize block sizes in an effort to assemble a finished quilt.  This ruler (used as directed) would almost certainly guarantee the standardization needed for the task!

I am also a quilting instructor (further classes on indefinite hold until my day job doesn't take such a huge bite out of my available time).  This ruler would be the PERFECT subject for a class - or even a demo if time was tight! 😊  
I have always maintained that I would never teach a class just for the sake of teaching a class - it is important to me to BELIEVE IN THE PRODUCT... this ruler DEFINITELY meets that criteria for me!

Thank you for producing such quality, innovative products to improve the quilting experience and keep the art alive and relevant to all ages and skill levels!  Below, please find an example of our happy playtime - as you can see, it doesn’t matter what colors/patterns you pull from your stash cuz they ALL WORK!  And by the time you have been quilting for as many years as we have, you have a LOT of leftovers and scraps to feel guilty about!"

Very Sincerely, April (a quilter from Central City, IA)

Note: Pineapple Trim Tool full size and mini plus patterns: