Saturday, August 16, 2014

Roly Poly Jelly Roll Quilt

In early July I posted a baby quilt made using 10" precut squares. Making it was so much fun, why not make it again. Only this time what about a jelly roll of bright modern fabrics instead of squares.

This was a great vacation sewing project while the family relaxed at Kanuga in the Carolina mountains. A jelly roll plus a couple of yards of background fabric was easy to pack and the project was cut out and ready to go at a small sewing station in a corner of the screen porch.

Roly Poly Squares

The bright happy colors look like a spilled bag of gumdrops. The jelly roll strips that weren't used in the 48 blocks were joined end to end to make the outside borders. This quilk was a quick sew project that brings a smile to everyone who looks at it.