Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jelly Roll Jambalaya

It's here at last! My Jelly Roll Jambalaya book is finally in print. Yippee! There are a series of lessons designed to teach basic techniques that can be used in the featured quilt and designed so that you can use the technique in future quilting projects. As you make each quilt you will be adding a new skill to your quilting toolbox.

My publisher, Landauer Publishing Corp, has prepared a lively Youtube video to give everyone a sneak peek of the projects and la petite lessons in the book. Here is the link:

All of the projects take advantage of the 2-1/2" precut strips that are used to make the quilts. The strips are not cut up into little triangles or other shapes to make traditional quilts. Instead the strips are used as strips to create fresh quilts with new ideas. To tempt you, here is one of the projects in the book, Baby King Cakes. The lesson for this quilt teaches how to sew overlapping seams.