Monday, April 27, 2020

Quilt Stack 2

Another stack of quilts with 4 more to go so I can catalogue all of my quilts. This one is interesting because I have the stack resting under the small quilt my friend, Gillian Clarke made for me. Gillian is an English quilter that I visited often when traveling to the UK. She died a few years ago from a blood cancer and I still miss her very much. Gillian liked to make quilts from an ancient calendar showing the months of the year. My birthday is in November and this image is for my birth month.

The short stack of quilts beneath Gillian's quilt are my "nap" quilts. They are all medium in size. Many are featured in my books and patterns. 

Monday, April 20, 2020

Quilting Stacks

I have stacks of quilts all over my small apartment. I have been taking photos of the stacks. An inventory of sorts. Here is stack #1. These are the big quilts. There are 20 quilts in this stack.

Look in this space for a full view of some of the quilts. Most are featured in my books and patterns. All are made with my Creative Grids trim tools. I am in the process of launching a new website. More to come......

Thursday, April 16, 2020

A budding quilter

Allright....I admit it! I am a great-grandmother. I have 2 great-grandchildren - Emeline age 3 and Adelaide age 1. Both are sheltering at home with mama. Elizabeth, and dada, Robert. Emeline is a little social butterfly and really misses her preschool at St Timothy Episcopal church. Elizabeth is very creative and keeps Emeline busy with projects.

The undersea project resulted in this postcard that Emeline mailed to me as she is also interested in the mail, how it is sent and how it is received.

It is a jellyfish. but of course you could tell that just by looking at it. The body with ribbon tentacles are glued in place and I see it as her first quilt project. It is a small step from putting this together on paper to making an appliqué quilt.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Begin Again....

Here we are, all tucked safely at home...except for the most important people in our lives who are providing necessary medical care and those who are delivering essential services.

I am thankful for the maintenance crew at my apartment building, they are faithfully keeping all of the public areas very clean, every day. Thanks to peapod for delivering my groceries. Thanks to my church, St Columba's Episcopal for daily devotions and to the National Cathedral for worship services on YouTube. What are you thankful for?

How do we occupy our days? We are making face masks for ourselves, our families and for others who need them. 

We are also sewing quilts. Now we know why we have been building our fabric stash! We are sad for the reason but thankful there is something creative awe can do while staying home.  

Here is a photo of a tote bag made by Linda Bonnett using a pattern in my Pineapple Play book. Linda says this is her first tote bag. Good Job, Linda!

What are you sewing? Masks? Bags? Quilts?
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