Thursday, March 18, 2021

Spring, at Last

How many of you feel like you have been in a cave for months? I have! Between being in lock-down for a year and the short dreary days of winter cold and snow, I have been in a gray funk. I have been saved by longer days, daylight savings time, and 2 Covid vaccine shots. For the past month I have been looking forward to going to Target to buy a  30" tension rod to hang a curtain my mother crocheted for me in my kitchen window. It's old-fashioned, I know, but It reminds me of my mother who passed in 2000. Enough of memories and expectations. 

I am ready to start sewing again. I have designed a new will remain a very secret until we release it next fall. There is so much testing to do when designing and developing a new trim tool and I just love the process. 

In the meantime, I have been digging through my finished quilt stash and I found two little applique pieces that I am selling. Just go to Etsy and search for Jean Ann Quilts. You will be there with the click of a mouse. They are so, so Spring! I don't think they will last long. The actual colors are brighter. Yellow never photographs well. 

Spring Tulips is $48.50. Spring Bouquet is $60.00. Both have free shipping.