Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Revival! Sale! Reveal!

Hi, I started this blog and then when I moved to DC from Atlanta, I kind of neglected it. Now is the time to reconnect. To that end I have decided to begin with news of what I have been quilting and to have a PATTERN SALE!

Visit my website to order a minimum of 3 patterns or more from my website:
DO NOT order from the website, instead email me at jeanannquilts with your selections and your phone number and I will call for your payment information. I use SQUARE to process payments. My phone number is on the website so you can also call me.

My latest pattern is Four Seasons Log Cabin and it is not yet added to the website...good is included in the sale.

Four Seasons Log Cabin is a design that uses my Log Cabin Trim Tool in combination with Deb Heatherly's Ultimate Flying Geese Tool.

All of my rulers are available on my website so you can order a ruler along with your pattern if you need one. Most of the rulers are also at your local quilt shop or you may have them in your ruler stash.

I am in the hot moment of designing a new ruler. I it is top secret and will be revealed this fall (hopefully). If not in the fall, then January. This new ruler takes me to a new concept and I am really excited about it. WATCH THIS SPACE!

You will be the first to know.