Monday, November 11, 2013

Minneapolis Sewing Expo

I spent the past week in Minneapolis teaching workshops with the Sewing Expo It was great fun and all of the quilters in the workshops were eager to learn new techniques. This past year I have taught Free Motion Machine Quilting, Lickety-Split Log Cabin and Easy-Peasy Pineapple workshops. Here are some photos from the pineapple workshop. I am having a great time teaching at the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo events. They are so well organized and presented. If a sewing expo is coming to a city near you, sign up for classes, visit the vendors, meet lots of quilters who share your interest in quilting and just be a part of the fun.

This is Rose Marie. She was in my Free Motion workshop and the Easy-Peasy Pineapple workshop. Rose Marie chose to position the light and dark values in her pineapple block a little differently than the traditional way...and the results are stunning! Perfect for a modern quilt. 

Close-up view of Rose Marie's Modern Pineapple block. Good job!

I couldn't resist taking this photo of Sue and her work space. She organizes her sewing just like I do...that is NOT at all. Everything is just tumbled where ever it lands as she works through adding rounds of strips to her pineapple block. We are kindred spirits for sure....or is it sisters in chaos?