Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quilting Friends

From a forwarded email sent to me by Susan Fisher:

"Here's an unsolicited bravo for your Log Cabin ruler from Eve Hall. She makes teaching samples and teaches at a quilt shop either in Tehachapi or Bakersfield, I'm not sure."

"I picked up Jean Ann's rulers in Houston and Debbie's [quilt shop] has been carrying them. Creative Grids has allowed her to order them on consignment...We've had two free workshops to demo how the ruler works, mention the web demo, spotlight the book and other patterns. We are going to do one more. If you buy the ruler, the workshop is free.  I've had fun playing with it.  She has sold a dozen so far. Two samples are at Debbie's and three other tops need to be finished. I'm only sending two pix to share. One is Jelly Beans not quilted and the other is the Cut Loose Press pattern hand quilted with the big stitch. Thanks for the ruler Jean Ann."

30's Half Log Cabin is at the top and Jelly Beans is on the bottom.

I met Eve Hall through Susan who used to be my managing editor for QUILT magazine. We have known each other for many years and Eve helped us set up quilt photo shoots in California. My message to Eve is. "I am having great fun with the ruler too. I have made a dozen or more quilts since I designed it. I am thrilled to hear the way your local quilt shop is marketing it. Thanks for sharing."
Rulers are available at your local quilt shop or on my website:

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