Monday, March 25, 2013

Rock The Block Workshop

On Saturday I was a student in a quilting workshop, a nice change from being the instructor. There were some 16 quilters in a workshop with Joe Cunningham, or, Joe the Quilter,

I don't often take a workshop but this one really caught my attention, plus I have known of Joe the Quilter since I started as editor-in-chief of Quilt magazine some 25 years ago. I have always been intrigued by his innovative quilts so when the East Cobb Quilt Guild brought him to Atlanta for workshops and program I signed up immediately. I am so glad I did!

Here are photos from the workshop. I can honestly say I didn't do the most creative work in the class although I am satisfied with what I produced. I wish I could have gotten photos of more of the quilts because so many of them were really outstanding. I did get a couple of photos to share with you.

Joe Cunningham with Akito who didn't follow the rules for Rock the Block, but really dazzled Joe with her incredible design. Starting with Joe's instructions Akito took off on her own and created some spectacular blocks. 
Here are Akito's blocks in a different arrangement.

Nicole followed the rules to make her blocks but then threw them over and got very creative when sewing them into a quilt. I wonder what she will add next?

I followed the rules to make the blocks except for one thing...I first made fifteen 6" blocks (not pictured) then decided they were too small so I made these fifteen 8" blocks. I have figured out how to use both 6" and 8" blocks in one quilt. Stay tuned.......the finished quilt will appear sometime in the future.

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