Monday, July 16, 2012

quilting at Kanuga

Nearly our whole family is here at Kanuga We all arrived safely on Saturday afternoon, had a quiet Sunday. I did start sewing my newest log cabin quilt. I have finished 12 blocks even with all the starts and stops to play with the newest family member, my great-niece, Olivia. Lots of laughing, talking, sharing family stories. Took our annual trip to Walmart where I bought toothpaste and a shower cap, as I forgot to bring both. Here are vacation photos so far.

Car in driveway at home, packed and ready to roll.

This is my sewing set up at Kanuga, a 2' x 4' table in the corner of the porch.

Here is my son-in-law, Chris Gaffney with Olivia, my great-niece. We are babysitting this morning so mommy can take a watercolor class. Chris is the family "baby whisperer" as he can calm her down better than anyone. He is Olivia's favorite. He is finding a netflix movie for her on the ipad.

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