Saturday, July 21, 2012

Zentrum - Jean Ann's Day Out

We left the mountain yesterday and drove down to Greenville, SC. After taking granddaughter to the airport we visited the BMW factory Zentrum building - It was a fun visit with a really great movie showing how all the robots work to make BMW's.

They also had an exhibit of some earlier BMW's and the BMW that James Bond used in one of his movies. I liked the little BMW's the best. Here are the pictures. They are so cute. And you get into the cars by opening a door at the front of the car not on the sides.

If you are in the Greenville SC area you really should stop by, it was a really interesting visit. You can also take a factory tour, although we couldn't on this trip because the factory is shut down for a month to get ready to make new models. You do have to wear shoes with closed toes and heels to take the factory tour. We are definitely going on the factory tour next year.

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