Monday, July 9, 2012

Echo Log Cabin

Research of antique log cabin quilts brought this setting to my attention. It is called the echo setting and will be featured in my new log cabin book, available late fall 2012. I made this one for a friend. I started making the blocks with the log cabin trim tool on the morning of the 4th of July. I live right downtown so the parade, the street fair and the fireworks keep me house bound all day.  No way am I getting out into all that traffic! So, a perfect day for quilting. I got all the blocks made that day and sewed into the quilt top.I did walk to a fireworks supper picnic at a neighbor's house in the evening so quilting stopped about 6 PM.

On Thursday I put on the borders, assembled the backing and put it into my longarm machine. It was done before dinner on Thursday, and on Thursday night I put on the binding. Finished in 2 days! That's how much time the log cabin trim tool saves you because you don't have to spend hours making cut-to-size strips. Just stitch 'em on then trim-to-size as each round is complete.

The quilt has 20 blocks set in 4 rows of 5 blocks each. It finishes 53" wide x 61" long. Perfect for a baby crib, a wall quilt or for a short person like myself, a nap quilt. 

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