Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sunbonnet Sleuth Mystery begins

It's time for Sunbonnet Sleuth to make a comeback. Here is her first mystery in a new series. The Sunbonnet Sleuth mysteries will be a part of this blog and I plan to introduce six mysteries a year, most of them lasting about 6 weeks. The first week of the new mystery is always shopping. You can shop at your local quilt shop, an online quilt shop website, or select fabrics from your own fabric stash. You don't have to use the fabrics from the collection that has been chosen to design the quilt. The next step in the mystery will be posted next Saturday. 

The fabrics in this quilt are from Benartex. Here are the fabric requirements:

Fabric A - 3/4 yard Patternista Hills and Valleys, Purple/red
Fabric B - 1/2 yard Patternista Chorus Line, Purple/yellow
Fabric C - 1/2 yard Wildflowers, Lilac/butter
Fabric D - 1/2 yard Sun Stone, Lavender/mint
Fabric E - 1/2 yard Sun Stone, Olive/gold
Fabric F - 1-1/4 yard Sun Stone, Orange/red
Fabric G - 1/3 yard Sun Stone, Dark purple

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