Monday, February 20, 2012

Courthouse Steps

I am working hard to make the quilts I need for my youtube video that will show how to use my Log Cabin Trim Tool. Here is the Courthouse Steps quilt I made for the video. Now I have to make one more block so viewers can easily see how the block differs from the Log Cabin block. I have quilted 3 quilts over the weekend for the video which is to be taped this week.

To make the Courthouse Steps block, you sew the first 2 strips on opposite sides of the center square, the next 2 strips in a contrasting color to the top and bottom of the center square to make the 1st round. Trim with the LCTT, then add a 2nd round, trim again, then add the 3rd round trimming one last time to complete the block. They are so FAST and so FUN. Try one today, or better yet, wait until April when my Log Cabin Trim Tool will be ready to ship.

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