Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Modern Quilts

Have you tapped into the modern quilt movement? I have. It is great fun to find innovative ways to sew our fabric pieces back together after we have cut them up. The overall appearance of this quilt is whimsical. It was really so easy to make. The circles were a natural and must use choice as they were great big dots printed onto one of the fabrics. I cut them out and appliqued them in a random fashion after sewing 6" squares together for the center and outside borders and 2" squares for the inside border.

When I design a quilt I like to let the fabric speak to me. I array the folds of fabric by fanning them out on my cutting table and leave them there for a day or two. Sometimes I study them and sometimes I just glance at them as I walk by. Eventually an idea comes to me and when that happens I can't wait to cut them up and start sewing. This collection is called Oh, Oh Olivia, so the O's that are circles in the quilt say "Oh, Oh" over and over again.

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