Wednesday, February 8, 2012

birthday celebrations and butterflies

Today's Quote:

"The butterflies are free."
Charles Dickens

Remember that saying and the movie, "Butterflies Are Free", starring Goldie Hawn from the 1970's? Did you have any idea that Charles Dickens is the first one to be credited with the saying. In the 70's, we thought that our clever generation had thought it up. Well, we didn't, we just borrowed it from several generations back. The thought behind the saying is that so many wonderful and beautiful things are free and present in our lives if we just take the time and effort to discover them. Often, discovery comes in a still and quiet place where our minds can be free to fly like the butterflies in free association with the world around us.

Yesterday was Charles Dickens' 200th birthday. It was celebrated in England with Prince Charles laying a wreath on Charles Dickens' grave in a solemn ceremony.

This is the quilt I designed a butterfly quilt a couple of years ago for Ellen Medlock. The pattern can be ordered from her website:

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