Friday, September 18, 2020

NEW! LogCabin TrimTool Duo

For the past year I have been working on a new Log Cabin Trim Tool. Here it is, with the special features that advances this ruler into a new realm of log cabin possibilities. Visit my website to see ordering details:

·      Fully illustrated step by step instructions

·       Two sets of markings - one for 1" logs and one for 1/2" logs

·       Make blocks with all same strip widths or combine the two widths

·      Cutting instructions for strip widths and center square printed on tool

·      Slides easily over fabric until pressure is applied

·       Exclusive grippers hold fabric in place while cutting

Projects and Patterns

Rick Rack Table Runner  Size: 18” x 54” 
This Way and That QuiltSize: 54” x 54”
Ring Around the Rosie ToteSize: 18” x 20”
Fly Away Log CabinSize: 54” x 68” 

Monday, September 7, 2020

Star Gazing

Star quilts have always been a favorite. I have two star quilts I gave to my daughter to display when she worked at the Air and Space Museum. The first quilt I named Rock n Roll and it incorporates a center Log Leg Star block surrounded by a border of Four Patch blocks and a final border of paper pieced New York Beauty blocks. This quilt measures 54" x 54". 

The second quilt is 24" x 24", a mini. I named it Syzygy. This is a rare occurrence that is an opposition alignment of the moon and sun that produces abnormally high tides. I loved the way the word, syzygy sounded and was spelled so I made the quilt so I could use the name. A quilter moon and seven stars are appliqu├ęd in th center and the corners of the first border are rays of the sun bursting out to the edges. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Hang it all...on the wall

 I m trying to find a place for all of my quilts. There are about 100 in my collection. I have quilt stacks on top of furniture, on beds and tables. Here are two more display solutions. 

My apartment has a 1950's kitchen. The appliances have been updated including a dishwasher. New formica is on the countertops. I still have a swinging door that I will never use to close off the kitchen from the dining room.  A defunct space heater is mounted to the wall next to the door. Cabinet space is limited. What to do? I put an over-the-door hanger on the now permanently open door and displayed my aprons. I placed an old oak bookcase in front of the heater to store kitchen collectibles and other items. I put my coffee cup quilt on the boring white wall. It's slightly hidden by the door but still effective. 


When you enter my apartment there is a sort of foyer space directly in front of the door. I placed a narrow table with family photos (my grandmother and grandfather and my father, age 5, in front). Turning to the right is a 10' long hall. Another quilt finds a home! At the end of the hall is a bench with my winter boots beneath just waiting for cold weather and a peg board to hang purses, baseball caps, and coats. Behind them is a photo of my great-grandfather's house. His name was Henry Hawley and he was a country doctor in Freeland, Michigan in the mid 1800's. (Yes, the 1800's not the 1900's.) The town was named for my family.

I used a jelly roll to make the quilt for my second book, Jelly Roll Jazz.