Sunday, July 27, 2014


When I designed my first ruler, the Log Cabin Trim Tool, I had no idea how many more rulers were to follow and how wonderfully they would be used to create new quilts. Here are some of the wonderful quilts that have been created....
At the Sit and Sew event sponsored by Creations Sew Clever in Ohio. The quilt uses the latest ruler in the collection...the 8" Curvy Log Cabin (CGRJAW5). Love that blue and white, very classic and classy.

Nellie's Needles used the Hexagon Trim Tool (CGRJAW4) to make this very imaginative quilt, the pattern is: Hexi Flip. If you like it you can order the pattern. There is a small hexagon shaped pillow in front of the quilt that can also be made using the same trim tool.

The Pineapple Trim Tool (CGRJAW3) remains one of the most popular of the five tools I have designed so far. This is quilt was made by Rita Fischel and is available as a Cut Loose Pattern. I will be offering this pattern for sale in my vendor booth at Quilting LIVE! in Atlanta on Sept 13-16 and at the Sewing Expo in Fredericksburg VA on October 2-4. I hope I see you at one of these events

Squiggles...don't you love the name (and look at the first photo again, they are the same design layout. This one is a Cut Loose Pattern as well. Another pattern I will offer at my vendor booths in Atlanta and Fredericksburg. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Charlotte's Quilt - Roly Poly Squares

This coming weekend I am headed for Kanuga, the Episcopal Conference Center in Hendersonville, NC for our annual family reunion. In July of every year we take a guest cottage so the whole family can get together. Our newest family member, Charlotte, will be 3 months old and we can't wait to meet her. This morning I finished her quilt and I want to share the quilt and a very simple method to make it with you.
The sixteen patch quilt blocks are made using 10" layer cake squares. You will need 15 layer cake squares, 2/3 yards white fabric, 2/3 yard border fabric, 1-1/2 yard backing fabric and 1/3 yard binding fabric. Here are the steps to make this quilt.
Cut (12) of the 10" layer cake squares into 2-1/2" x 10" strips. (Set the remaining 3 layer cake squares aside for the setting squares.) Arrange the strips you have cut for the blocks in sets of 4 strips per block.
Sew each set of 4 strips together. Press the seams OPEN.
Sew the strips into a roll. Press this final seam open. Using your 2-1/2" wide ruler, cut the roll at 2-1/2" intervals to make (4) 2-1/2" rolls. Unsew one seam to make a strip as shown.
Unsew the remaining 3 rolls one seam in each roll, advancing the seam to unsew to make a progression of squares in the same fabric pattern as shown.
Sew the strips together in order as arranged, maintaining the progression of squares by fabric pattern.
This is a completed Roly Poly Squares block. Make 12 blocks.

  • To complete the quilt cut the white fabric into (31) 2-1/2" x 10-1/2" sashing strips. Cut an additional (20) 2-1/2" squares from the 3 set aside layer cake squares set aside for for the sashing squares. Sew 5 sashing strips rows using (4) print setting squares and (3) white sashing strips. Make 5 rows.
  • Sew the blocks together in rows alternating 4 white sashing strips and 3 roly poly blocks in each row. Make 4 rows.
  • Alternate the (5) sashing rows with the (4) block rows and join them together to complete the quilt center.
  • Cut (4) 5" border strips from the border fabric. Sew a border to opposite sides of the quilt top and trim to size as needed. Sew a border strip to top/bottom of the quilt and trim to size to complete the quilt top.
  • Layer the quilt top, batting and backing. Quilt the layers together. Bind to finish the outside edges.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Quilting LIVE!

I am getting so excited! Quilting LIVE is coming to Atlanta.

The event will be in the Galleria in northwest Atlanta. It is only five miles from my house. Now that is something for me personally to get excited about, but even more important to quilters everywhere is the line-up of celebrity quilters who will be teaching workshops and presenting programs at this fantastic event...something very, very exciting for beginning to experienced quilters who will have an array of classes to take, techniques to learn, and quilts to make.

I will be teaching 3 workshops. Free-motion Quilting, Cut the Cake Hexies and Curvy Log Cabin. Here is a sneak peek at the projects. The Curvy Log Cabin workshop offers a Carousel quilt project or a Zen Table Runner. The blocks are made using the same method, but colors, number of blocks and setting can be your choice. Both are made using my new Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool. Classes fill quickly so don't delay...sign up today.


Zen Table Runners

Since hexagons are so hot right now a workshop using this versatile six-sided shape is a must. I have really gotten into using precuts to make my quilts...with this quilt using 10" precut squares. The separating triangles and borders are cut from white yardage to avoid "Y" seams in the assembly. Learn how to put it all together. Great for beginning and advance quilters. 

Cut The Cake Hexies

You will love the Galleria setting for this event. It is attached to an upscale mall so there are lots of choices for eating, the classrooms well lit and roomy and the many vendors offer a wonderful variety of fabrics, machines and notions to make your quilting experiences the best ever. The quilts on exhibit are top notch and exciting to see. The Galleria is easy to get to and there is plenty of free parking.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Christmas Comes Early for Quilters

It's that time of year again! Quilt shops everywhere are gearing up for their Christmas in July events. I was at my local quilt shop, Red Hen Fabrics this afternoon and Mary Ann Henderson, one of the owners, was busy planning with her staff to get the shop all decked out for Christmas starting next week!

When I got home there was an email from Andover Fabrics announcing a whole collection of Very Hungry Caterpillar quilts using fabrics by Eric Carle, the author of the series. The latest is a really cute Christmas collection. I was thrilled to be asked to design one of the quilts for this collection.
Inching To Christmas
This is a free downloadable pattern that you can access by going to this link:

Another Christmas quilt I designed to be made with my Log Cabin Trim Tools, especially my new Curvy Log Cabin, is my Trim The Tree quilt that I designed for Cut Loose Press. This pattern is $3.99 and can be ordered from my website; on the first of July. It is still in the printing process. 
Trim The Tree

Friday, June 13, 2014

Thoughts about "My Dad"

I've been watching the Today show this morning and all of the presenters have shared the one thing they especially remember that their dad's often said to them. It made me think what do I remember most of the many things my dad said to me. My daughters will tell you I am a terrible cook. By the time my Atlanta grandchildren were in elementary school they convinced their mother that she should take them for a drive-thru meal to eat at my house so I wouldn't cook for them.

It's all my dad's fault. The one thing I remember most that my dad said to us over and over again, "Women don't belong in the kitchen. Cooking is a man's job." My dad was a chef and restaurant owner. I could wait tables, bus tables, set up tables, and wash dishes but I was never, ever allowed in the kitchen to cook. 

My mom taught me to sew. Good thing my dad wasn't a tailor or he might have said that a woman doesn't belong in the sewing room! 
Here is my best contribution to my own kitchen. A table runner using 9 2-1/2" precut strips sewn together then cut into hexagons using my Hexagon Trim Tool. I used my Eat Your Veggies fabric for the borders. The entire project was finished in a day.

The directions to make the hexagons and to sew them together are in my new book, Jelly Roll Jambalaya. You can order the book on my The bed quilt using the same hexagons is featured on the book cover.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Never too young to sew!

What does a new mother do when she starts getting her energy back and a little free time? She sews! This is my niece Jessica sewing a dress (black polka dots and yellow/white chevron stripes) for her 3 year old daughter. Notice the little baby face in the blue cap tucked up under Jessica's chin? That is new baby Charlotte Mae who was born April 5, weighing just 3 lbs 6 oz. She is growing like a little daisy and starting to give mom some free time to indulge in sewing as long as she is snuggled in tight against Mom's heart.

It wouldn't be fair to show you Olivia's new dress without showing you Olivia. She is a darling girl and we look forward to spending a week with her this summer at Kanuga, the Episcopal Center in Hendersonville, NC. We always have a family reunion week there during guest period. 

Jessica didn't sew much as a teenager, now Jessica loves to sew and is very good at it. Olivia's dress last summer had so much detail sewn into it that we were all surprised when Jessica said she made it herself. In our family the apples don't fall far from the tree. 

Olivia's Nana is making sure that Olivia learns how to sew. She has her stitching little squares together on the sewing machine. This is Olivia's first quilt. It looks like a little pile of scraps but it is somewhat sewn together. Olivia gave it to the dog, so it is presently residing in the dog bed. Way to go Olivia! Everyone has to start somewhere.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Upcountry Quilting Workshop

If you live in the southeast you probably know where "upcountry" is located. For those of you wonder what in the world is "upcountry", it is the northwestern counties in South Carolina...those counts that are in the mountains. I got to travel From Marietta to Marietta for this weekend event.The upcounty quilters mostly live in Westminster, SC but they held their annual retreat at a lovely retreat center near Marietta, SC. The best thing about the retreat center is they cook your meals and wash the dishes. Our workshop was large and well lighted, an excellent work space with plenty of room for everyone.

I taught two workshops. The first day we did free motion rotary cutting quarter circle blocks to make Frisbee Fling table runners. Sewing these blocks is kind of like making Drunkard's Path blocks without the controls. Here are two glimpses of the Frisbee Fling table runner workshop.
Gail Eastman is carefully constructing her quarter round blocks.
Rebecca Platts really isn't tearing her hair out while trying to stitch curved seams. Or is she?

On the second day of the retreat we made the Pineapple Table Runner 
"Eat Your Veggies" a pattern that I designed to go with my Creative Grids Pineapple Trim Tool.
The pattern and tool are available on my website:
Evelyn Kellog has finished her first 10" pineapple block.
Gail Duncan has carefully organized the strips for her pineapple blocks.

And a good time was had by all!