Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 - All about Log Cabin quilts

I am on a designing marathon this week...after a quiet holiday fabric companies and magazines are gearing up for the next quilt market and for spring and summer releases. I am finishing a log cabin quilt for The  Quilter today. In fact I have been on a log cabin whirlwind since I received my prototype of the Log Cabin Trim Tool I designed from Creative Grids. My tool will be available to the public in April so I have to make lots of samples to go with it. I am also writing a book with my sister with lots of log cabin quilt designs. I also have to do a YouTube video, something I am not looking forward to...fortunately I know a young person who is quite good a filming and editing videos for YouTube. An announce will be forthcoming in March with a link.

Here is a log cabin quilt I made for Quilter's World magazine a couple of years back. It will give you an idea of how the creative a log cabin quilt can be.

Today's quote:
People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.
Dale Carnegie

Quilting is such fun, and finding success while quilting is the most fun! This quote really works for me.


  1. Love this one. Which issue is it featured so I can try to find a copy?

    1. It was featured about 3 years ago. I will see if I have instructions....

  2. That's great, can't wait :-)

  3. I am working on a pattern for this. I will upload sometime next week as a free bonus pattern for June. Of course it will feature my Log Cabin Trim Tool for making the blocks.

  4. Excellent I will have a look at your trim tool now. So looking forward to the pattern. Thank you :-)