Friday, June 5, 2020

Tiny Pineapples and Charm Squares

Let's call this Pineapple week. My standard Pineapple Trim Tool is so popular that I designed a mini Pineapple Trim Tool. This ruler makes 4"-5"-6" blocks with 1" center squares and skinny 1/2" strips. The 4" block can be made using charm squares. Got a stack of those squares sitting around saying, "I want to be a quilt?" Here is your chance to sew them up so you can buy some more. Patterns and ruler available on my website -

The South Beach Pineapple Treats baby quilt made for my great-granddaughter, Adelaide.

Charm Squares featuring 1800's prints were used in this quilt. Alternating Pineapple and Bull's Eye blocks, both made using the mini Pineapple Trim Tool to sew them perfectly.

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  1. The red goes awesome with the bag. The colors in the South Beach pineapple quilt are GORGEOUS!