Sunday, June 28, 2020

Log Cabins make curves

This week my daughter who is an exhibits designer at the Smithsonian here in DC asked one of her co-workers what she was doing while staying home. She responded, I'm making wavy quilt blocks. Heidi asked, "You mean curvy log cabin blocks?" "Yes," her co-worker replied, "I'm using this ruler designed by Jean Ann Wright." Heidi exclaimed "That's my mother." Needless to say her co-worker was astonished. It truly is a small world. Then her co-worker said, "Your mother is brilliant". That's bragging, but I couldn't resist telling you. It's not often our children hear that about us old folk.

 I do have a 4th of July quilt, I Love America, that is just right for our Independence Day holiday coming up this Saturday. It is a perfect banner to display as we mark the birth of our country. As usual you can obtain the ruler and pattern on my website, or my Etsy shop.
I demonstrated the Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool on The Quilt - episode 1904. My appearance starts at minute 43 into a 60+ show. The Quilt Show is an internet based program hosted by Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson. You must be a member to see the shows. It is well worth the membership as you can see all of the back shows and new ones yet to come. 

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