Thursday, June 18, 2020

Hexie quilts sale!

Remember all those stacks of quilts (6 of them) that I showed you in May. I am selling some of the finished quilts in my Etsy Shop. Two of them are hexagon quilts. Have a Cuppa Hexies is a wall quilt perfect for kitchen or breakfast nook and Sugar and Spice is a twin bed topper. Only one each! Go to and type JeanAnnQuilts in the search bar..note there are no spaces between the words in the shop name.

                      Have a Cuppa Hexies - $35.00    -         Sugar and Spice $119.50

I plan to offer more of my quilts for sale in many designs (not just hexes) throughout 2020. Mark my Etsy shop as a favorite to be first to get the announcements. 

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