Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Half A Block....

When I was a child my mother often said "half a loaf is better than none".. This was in response to my always wanting more...more dessert, more M&M's on my peanut butter and M&M sandwich. More dresses to wear to school. I was in elementary school in the early 50's when almost everyone wore homemade dresses...only the most affluent families actually bought ready-made clothing.

As a quilter I enjoy making "half a block". The Log Cabin block is my favorite so why not make some Half Log Cabin blocks. Here are two quilts I made (and have patterns for. You can quickly sew up the Glory In The Cabin table runner for your out-of-doors 4th of July picnic and then make the Bento Box Briefcase for the day when you can go back to work. Ruler and patterns are available on my website jeanannquilts.com and in my Etsy shop JeanAnnQuilts.

The Glory in the Cabin table runner uses the 8" Log Cabin Trim Tool and the Bento Box Briefcase uses the 6" Log Cabin Trim Tool.

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