Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kingsport, TN

I spent last week in Kingsport, Tennessee. It's a lovely mountain town with lots of quilters. The guild sponsoring the workshops was the First Frontier Quilters of Kingsport.

Like all quilt guilds in America this one has more than it's share of talented quilters. Theresa Richardson is just one of them. Of course her quilts attracted me because she loves to make Log Cabin quilts. On my first afternoon in Kingsport I was excited to see an exhibit sponsored by the guild at the local Renaissance Center. The quilts were in their annual challenge, "Don't Bug Me". Each quilt in the challenge had to have 2 bugs visible on the surface to qualify.

All of the quilts were hanging high on the wall so my photograph is not taken at a straight angle. I had to tilt the camera up to get the shot. Theresa appliquéd two butterflies, one in a block and one in the border, to meet the challenge requirements. The black border with just a touch of appliqué to add drama and interest to the blocks.

On Thursday Theresa took my log cabin workshop and learned to use the Log Cabin Trim Tool. She loves it! Now her log cabin quilts will go together so much faster. Here is Theresa at the log cabin workshop with her first block make with the Log Cabin Trim Tool Two.

Theresa says that her next goal is to learn to fly an airplane...let's hope flying won't take time away from quilting. 

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  1. Ji, Jean Ann are you not doing any more subonnet sleuth mysteries? I really enjoyed doing them.