Thursday, September 5, 2013

Here at last!

Quilting a Circle of Nine - the sequel to the original book that my sister, Janet Houts, and I wrote is here at last. From the day we started until the day it was printed and ready for sale it took about nine months...the same amount of time it takes to have a baby and just about as involved but pain free. Well, almost pain free. Making the quilts was pure fun but putting all the parts together to finish the book can be painful as every tiny detail is checked and rechecked.

You can order the book from my website - it sells for $24.95. In this new book Janet and I explored the design and use of spacers in much more detail than in the first book. there are patterns for 12 quilts in the book...books are such a bargain when you compare books to patterns which usually start at $10 and can run up to $15 for a pattern for just one quilt so getting 12 patterns with directions, diagrams and bonus lessons is a real deal. 

For a look inside the book you can check out the Landauer Publishing Youtube video for Quilting A Circle of Nine that takes you on a video tour of the pages in the book complete with photos of the projects and the lessons. It is a fun video. I think this is my favorite new TV show! (but then, I am prejudiced) Here is the link.....

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  1. What happened to the jelly roll book? I thought that's what was going to be next?