Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Repurposing rooms - creating a sewing studio

Can you believe that after 25 plus years of being a professional quilter...the first 20 as editor-in-chief of QUILT magazine and the past six as designer, author, teacher and log cabin tool inventor...for the very first time I have an actual dedicated sewing studio. This room used to be my den. I never used my living room except to walk through to get to other rooms in the house. I have moved all seating to the living room and turned the den into the sewing studio. The room is 10' wide and 16' long. Here it is....

I have a long table for my sewing machines for my stitching station. I am in the middle of a project making pineapple blocks. The large table in the lower right corner is my ironing station. The cool thing about my ironing station is that I can iron from either side. to the right and far in the back you can just see the corner of my cutting station. 

Here is a bit of a better view of my cutting station. It's still behind the ironing station. It is actually a 6' long sales counter from an old country store with a wood plank top and two shelves under for storage. 

In another corner hidden from the camera is my book nook with a comfy chair and bookcase when I need to take a break. I feel like I am in heaven. For once I am now squeezing all of my sewing into a little corner of a room that is primarily used for some other purpose. The only purpose this room has is to make quilts. 

How can you repurpose some rooms in your house to create a dream sewing studio?


  1. Doesn't it feel great to have a dedicated space to work on projects. I love your area for ironing!

  2. This is great. Lots of natural light is a huge benefit!! Looking good, I know you will enjoy this space!!

  3. i use my large living room for my sewing room. i have my long arm machine in there. two treadles, two regular machines, a nice cutting/pressing table that has shelves underneath, an armoire for storage of batting and lots of other quilty stuff. a dresser holds all my pantos. a 10 ft long low bookcase holds lots of books and quilts and fabric. a thread cabinet on the wall....i have an over stuffed chair in there, but it only holds quilts in progress LOL

    the lighting in there is amazing, the floor is laminate, and the space is huge. i don't take it for granted and know that this may not be a forever deal, but sure do love having it set up for now....

    i keep all of my fabrics and other stuff in a large walk in closet in my bedroom.