Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Almost Done

My house project is almost done. The old knob and tube wiring will be completely replaced by tomorrow. The electrical in the house will now be up to code and safe. The old lead paint in the walls has been safely covered up. Phew! What a mess it has been for the past 5 weeks. Yesterday the contractor put the shelves in my guest room closet.

If future guests thinks they will be able to hang their clothes, they have another think coming! Hopefully this will keep guest visits short and happy.

I have folded up a small portion of my quilts and stored them in the closet. If we have a blizzard in Georgia guests will be warm, they can heap quilt upon quilt on the bed and snuggle down for a warm night's sleep.

Since I am starting fresh I have stacked the quilts in categories. Stacks of log cabin quilts, and pineapple quilts are on the middle shelf, There are 2 stacks of unfinished quilts (in the top corner on the left), stacks of quilts for sale (2 stacks - top shelf on the right). There will be a built in cupboard in the dining room where I will store more quilts. The contractor will finish it today. Bottom shelf has boxes of fabrics and threads. 

Question: can I keep it this neat and organized? I hope so!

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