Thursday, December 6, 2012

Circle of Nine

Here is another quilt from my visit to Denver. If you live in the Denver area I highly recommend the Arapahoe Quilters. They are a big group of very friendly and talented quilters. One of their quilters, Terri Lynn Scott made a circle of nine quilt using the book Janet and I wrote presenting these new, easy and creative way to set 9 blocks into a quilt. You can purchase the book from my website:

Lynn used 3 different blocks in her quilt. One block is the center of the quilt, another the four corners touching the center block and yet another for the midnight-3pm-noon-9am positions. Her spacers and borders are the same fabric giving an overall unity to the quilt. Merrie Jones is the longarm quilter. Lynn calls her quilt "Stitching in the Garden".

You can see Lynn's fingertips and her feet...I always love it when quilts have fingers and feet. It makes me giggle and who doesn't enjoy a good giggle once in awhile.

Janet and I are working on a sequel to the Circle of Nine book. The original has been sold out and the publisher is out of stock. Janet and I have a few left to sell so if you are interested in the book, order now! The sequel will be a workshop to make the quilts with expanded information of designing and making spacers. It will be ready by late spring/early summer. 

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