Monday, December 24, 2012

A peaceful Christmas

I was wondering how I could wish everyone a merry Christmas. This morning my daughter, Heidi, sent me this video of her church's Christmas pageant. Heidi is the director and once in awhile you can see her peeking of the front pew on the left.

Heidi and her husband live in Washington DC and adopted a 2 yr old African American child 3 years ago. I think the pageant shows how different cultures bring their own unique perspective to share with us all. They attend Wesley United Methodist Church, a multicultural worship community with a jazz ensemble for music and a gospel choir. The leader of the congregation is Pastor Kate, an energic white woman in her early 30's.

One of my favorite parts is the camel who arrives and does a rap routine to announce the arrival of the 3 kings.

My granddaughter, Cymia, is the only angel. She arrives about 4 minutes into the video (the video lasts about 10 minutes). Here is the link.

If we could all learn to live, work and worship together like the members of this church, maybe there really could be peace on earth afterall. Join me in praying for peace, here at home and all over the world as we celebrate Christmas.

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  1. That was really cute! I loved the little sheep :) Merry Christmas to you and yes, I join you in prayers of peace -