Monday, October 29, 2012

doing the Texas 9 patch with Roscoe

here I am in Southlake Texas visiting my daughter's family. The most important member of the family is Roscoe. He really loves my quilts, especially when the weather gets a little cold. He likes to sleep under a quilt to keep warm. Here is Roscoe with my Double Nine Patch flannel quilt I made my son-in-law a few years ago. Don't tell Roscoe the quilt isn't really his. Roscoe is a rescue dog from the Humane Society but he believes he is king of the house and entitled to the best of everything...especially my quilts.

Your dog (or other family member) might like a nice warm double nine patch quilt too, so here are the instructions.

1. Cut (12) 2-1/2" x wof strips from red and blue fabrics
2. Cut (6) 2-1/2" x wof strips from gold fabric
3. Cut (24) 2-1/2" x wof strips from light beige fabrics.
4. Sew fourteen strip sets with 1 red, 1 blue and 1 beige strip. Recut the strips into 2-1/2" sections. 
5. Sew seven strip sets with 1 gold and 2 beige strips. Recut the strips into 2-1/2" sections.
6. Sew two red-beige-blue sections to each side of one beige-gold-beige section to make a Nine Patch block. Make 30 single 9 patch blocks for the six Double Nine Patch blocks and make 12 single nine patch blocks for the sashings. Cut (24) 6-1/2" squares to construct the Double Nine Patch blocks as shown in the illustration. 

7. Cut 17 6-1/2" x 18-1/2" sashing strips. Make 4 rows of 2 sashing strips and 3 nine patch setting squares.
Make 3 rows with 3 sashings and 2 blocks in each row. Alternate the sashing rows and the double nine patch rows to complete the quilt center. Add borders, then quilt as desired.

Quilt size without borders 54" x 78". Add 6" borders all around for a 66" x 90" quilt - great for a single bed or a winter nap on the sofa. Roscoe the rescue dog may be a miniature dachshund but he loves a really big soft and fuzzy quilt to roll up in.

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