Monday, November 5, 2012

Quilt Festival Fun

Home from Quilt Festival at last! After teaching 3 workshops and presenting other events in Houston that were all so well organized, I hit bottom at the airport. My flight was cancelled - the plane was broken and there was no part at the airport to fix it. There was just one more flight to Atlanta leaving that day and I was able to get a seat thanks to my million miler status with Delta. My bags are still in Houston, but should be delivered today but I got to sleep in my own bed last night. WHEW!

Janet and I taught the workshops together in Houston. On Friday it was Lickety-Split Log Cabin for a half day and on Saturday it was Magical Medallion quilts in circle of nine settings. One quilter, Beth, was in both classes. She finished 9 log cabin blocks on Friday and then told us she was planning to skip the medallion workshop on Saturday because she didn't have 9 quilt blocks ready - but now she did, so she was coming to class to make a Log Cabin Magical Medallion quilt.

Here's what happens when two workshops are combined into one fantastic quilt. I couldn't imagine log cabin blocks in a circle of nine setting, but Beth did it beautifully.

Janet Houts (my sister) and I are available to present programs and lead workshops (together or individually) at quilting guilds everywhere. Visit our websites: for me or for Janet. Our workshops, fees and email addys are posted for convenience.

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