Monday, October 22, 2012


I spent the last week teaching at the Georgia Quilt Show in metro Atlanta. It is sponsored by the Sewing Expo It is a very professionally run show and more than that, it was lots of fun. There is most likely a Sewing Expo event coming to a location near you, so check out their website and treat yourself to shopping the vendors, viewing the spectacular quilts on exhibit, and taking  great workshops by a variety of nationally known teachers.

For about two years I have been needing a new sewing machine. I have been checking out various brands and features. At the Georgia Quilt Show I taught in rooms with 3 different sewing machine brands. They were all great machines, but there was one that stood out because it was offering the particular features that I wanted the most. The Atlanta dealer, Discover Sewing offered a great deal that included a serger. I also wanted a serger but wasn't sure I would use it enough to justify the expense. The machine was a deal and the serger clinched the sale. 

I bought and brought both machines home with me. I decided I couldn't put them in the corner of my office where I am currently crunched in to sew so I started moving furniture from my den to the office and the sewing equipment to the den. I have been planning to repurpose these rooms for several months and decided it was time to do it! Some of the den furniture is also going into my living room. Right now only the dog uses the living room which is kind of silly. I am going to get a wall mount TV for the living room and rearrange the furniture so I can use it too. Move over Chloe, you are soon going to be sharing your space.

Every quilter needs a quilting studio. This is the beginning space for my new studio. There is still lots to do but until I start it will never get done. See my new Brother sewing machine in pride of place. Enough of this blogging...I am off to test drive my new machine while making log cabin demo steps for Quilt Market and Festival. 

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