Wednesday, June 9, 2021


Do you ever dream about quilts? I often do and last night I had a curious dream. In this cream I moved to Hawaii so I could design fabrics for quilters. I love to watercolor flowers, so the fabric I was designing had lovely big flowers with lots of leaves. Hidden in the leaves were little creatures. there were lizards, bees, ladybugs and the like. I have never dreamed of moving to Hawaii but I have visited and the flowers that grow there are big and beautiful. Where did this dram come from? Who knows? Here is my watercolor of cone flowers and one I call exotic flowers and sunflowers.

Several years ago I did design a fabric line for a company, it was called Charleston and the prints were similar to those available in the 1800's. Here is the quilt I made using my fabric line

The quilt was featured in the book, Log Cabin Quilts that I authored with my sister, Janet Houts. The book is out of print but you may be able to find a used copy on Amazon.

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  1. Beautiful floral fabrics! I especially like the sunflowers. Your wilt designs are fabulous! I just was introduced to your circle of mine pattern books & am putting them in my cart for purchase very soon (asap). Many Blessings!