Thursday, January 14, 2021

Today I made a pillowcase

It has been some time since I posted and honestly, some time since I have done any sewing. Being in double lockdown has had me feeling "down" due to the virus and a city almost under siege. I live in Washington DC. Today I have decided it is time to be "up" again. So, I started sewing with something simple...making a pillowcase for my bed in a bright chevron print fabric. The small toss pillow is made using the Creative Grids mini-pineapple ruler with a pattern and the ruler available on my website -

The quilt was in my first book on  log cabin quilting. It's not the first time I made this setting. 
Here is the original Woven Ribbons quilt, made about 10 years ago. I am searching found the files for this setting but they need to be updated. I will post them next week, I promise. This quilt uses my original 8" Log Cabin Trim Tool by Creative Grids.Watch This Space.

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