Monday, September 28, 2020

Creative Process - Prep and Sew

Time to cut and sew a "test" block before cutting and sewing the blocks for the entire quilt. I always do a test block to make sure I have my cutting correctly figured for each of the strips in the block. The test block also helps in figuring the amount of each fabric needed to make the entire quilt. Note the finger protector. I sliced off the tip of my finger last February with my rotary cutter. A trip to the ER then a visit to a hand specialist at Johns Hopkins resulted. Diagnosis: finger tip amputation. It will never grow back. Now I use protection every time I cut. I have special finger bandaids I ordered from Amazon, the finger cot you see here, and sometimes I uses my quilting gloves I ordered from Leah Day. They all work to keep my finger safe. 

Sewing prep consists of arranging strips in a silverware divider tray to keep the prints and colors organized. 
Test block complete! Each row stitched and trimmed with the new 10" Log Cabin Trim Tool Duo. I compare the block to my printed illustration of the quilt to make sure I sewed it according to the plan. Satisfied, I will sew the remaining 3 blocks in this color combination. Then I will repeat this process for the remaining blocks in the quilt. Test block first, then all the blocks that match before moving on to the next group.

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