Friday, March 14, 2014

Georgia Quilt Show

Here I am at the Sewing Expo and Quilt Show in Gwinnett, Georgia. I taught my first classes for the Sewing Expo here 2 years ago. Debbie Hutcherson signed up for my Lickety Split Log Cabin workshop. The workshop project called for 20 blocks. Debbie loved using the Log Cabin Trim Tool so much she made 120 blocks! Way to go, Debbie. Yesterday she stopped by my vendor booth to show me a photograph of her quilt.

Debbie added a white sashing strip to two sides of her completed blocks to give the interesting zig-zag setting as she turned the blocks a half turn in each of the rows. Can you figure out how she did it?

Here is the answer! Debbie made vertical rows and you can see by the two enlarged blocks on the left the direction of the white sashings in the rows. Note that Debbie did not add her "logs" or strips in the usual manner with 2 light strips and then 2 dark strips around the center square. Instead, she used bright colors randomly placed. The white sashings on two sides help define the blocks in the finished quilt. Debbie said she tried to make no two blocks exactly alike, Did she do it? Even she is not sure and we're not counting. The butterfly fabric shown behind the blocks will be Debbie's borders. 

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  1. We're so glad that you made it to Duluth and Gwinnett Center for the Sewing and Quilt Show! Enjoy!