Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Days = Sew Days

For the 2nd time in a month we are homebound in Atlanta due to snow. So what does a quilter do? We sew of course. Everyone else can call it snow days, but I call it SEW DAYS. Or maybe I should say SEW DAZE, because I am sewing so much I am practically in a daze!

Here are the snow views of my back garden and from my front porch. You can see why I am snowed in.....and injoying a sew in. Are quilters the only people who are happy when they must stay home?

My back taken from back door

View from my front porch

My snow days - sew days project.

The blocks are 8" half hexagons cut with my Hexagon Trim Tool. I cut the hexagon in halves then sewed them together to make each hexagon half one fabric and half a contrasting fabric. I used layer cake squares to cut the blocks. For some reason someone at the factory miscounted and there were actually 42 squares in my layer cake pack.

I am setting thee hexagons with off-white triangles cut using the Creative Grids® TR60 (60° triangle) and in this photo only the first two vertical rows have had the triangles added. Good thing I have two more days of snow to finish this quilt. Both the hexagon trim tool and 60° triangle ruler are available on my website

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