Sunday, February 2, 2014

My One-Woman Show

I spent yesterday mounting my first one woman quilt show. Members of the Paulding Fine Arts Assoc. helped me hand the quilts I selected for the show. The The PFAA is located at 11 Courthouse Square, Dallas, Georgia. The PFAA meets at a 19th century courthouse that has been transformed into a beautiful art center. The gallery for their quilt shows is located in a former courtroom. It is a beautiful room with its 19th century details and furnishings. I will be presenting an evening meeting on February 25, talking about my quilts and how I make them.

If you don't  live near Atlanta GA you can take this virtual tour of the show. If you live near Atlanta I would like to invite you to the opening reception on Sunday February 9 from 2 to 4 PM. There will be food and time to converse with the artist (that's me).

The show starts with my Navajo quilt. This is a favorite block and setting of mine. The little triangles in the corners were not pre-planned. I simply cut more than I needed for the blocks and didn't want to waste them. They make a "creative" finish in the borders.

The green and red quilts are two of a series of improv Log Cabin quilts I just finished. There are four quilts in the series representing earth, fire, air, water...the four elements. I have named them Terra Verde, Flambeaux, Wings, and Waterfall. Wings and Waterfall are in the photo below.

Kaleidoscope is made using a collection of fabrics from Benartex, it is the cover of my book, Sashings and Settings.

Here is an overview of the courtroom. The dark chairs in the front are in the jury box, the brown benches at the back are for the courtroom spectators. The long table at the front is for the defendents and the lawyers.

The next quilt as you go around the room is the Periwinkle Stars. The quilt is 64" square. It is the largest quilt in the show.

The Roundabout quilt is featured on the postcard advertising the show. 

Churn Dash is hanging behind the Judge's desk.

As you move around the room, there are 3 quilts under the window. On the left is kites, Birds in the Air and Mod Cottage.

Here are four mini quilts I made with Liberty of London fabrics on a visit to England about 10 years ago. Little did I know I would become totally immersed in strip piecing. Left to right they are Courthouse Steps, Lob Cabin, Chinese Coins and Sunshine and Shadows.

Finishing the tour around the courtroom we have Prospect Park and Pineapple Salad. I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of my first one-woman show and if you can, join me next week for the opening reception.


  1. Jean Ann - congratulations! Awesome show! You know I'd be there if I could, but you're just a bit too far away. Thanks so much for the virtual tour. It was very enjoyable, even though I'd seen several of the quilts previousli

  2. Congratulations on your show! I would love to see it in person but won't be able to get to Atlanta, Thanks for posting photos so we can see all your lovely work.

  3. A court room has never looked better. If there were more quilts in courthouses, there would be less litigation !