Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zany Zinnias

My Log Cabin Trim Tool Two is here at last. I have been playing with making blocks that we don't see as typically coming from a Log Cabin construction. Here is a courthouse steps variation with just two rounds of strips around a center square. I used the 12" side of the trim tool, fussy cutting the 3" flower centers from the leftover border fabric. The finished strips in the rounds are 1-1/2" and the block finished size is 9". I just couldn't stop making blocks and ended up with 35 of them for a pretty good size quilt. With the new trim tool I made the whole quilt measuring 60" x 78" in just 3 days. Incredible.

The Log Cabin Trim Tool Two can be ordered from my website:
Here is what the tool looks like. You can see that the centering squares for 6" blocks start in one corner of the tool and the centering squares for 12" blocks start in the opposite corner. Two blocks from one tool...economical and versatile. What could be better!

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