Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jiggling Jelly Rolls expand

I took my Jelly Roll with 20 white/black strips and 20 bright color strips (5 strips in each of 4 colors) to make the sample for my workshop at the Georgia Quilt Show in Gwinnett this October www.georgiaquiltshow.com. I was having so much fun making these blocks with the Log Cabin Trim Tool that I just couldn't stop. I made 12 additional blocks and turned a square quilt into a rectangle.

Then I decided I needed a bolder border for the larger quilt, so I added a black border cut 2-1/2" wide, the same width as the jelly roll strips in the block and topped it with my clever folded narrow accent border.

Here is how I do my folded accent border: I cut fabric 1-1/2" wide and sewed the strips together using a bias joining at the seams to minimize the seam allowance. Then I folded the long strip in half lenghth-wise and firmly pressed the fold line. Then the narrow accent border is fused in place using the steam-a-seam two fusing material that comes in a roll, precut to 1/2" wide. I followed the manufacturer's directions to do the fusing. After fusing the narrow border I top-stitched it in place on the black border.

Next I cut the black and white print 5-1/2" wide times the length of fabric. Lately I have been buying enough fabric to cut borders on the length of the fabric without having to seam them together when I am making a small quilt. I needed 1-1/2 yards because I added the side borders first then the top and bottom. I trimmed the borders to size after sewing them in place.

Here is the virtual quilt diagram I worked from to sew the top together. The quilt itself is on my longarm machine and I going to finish quilting it today. 

The directions for both the smaller square quilt and this expanded larger quilt will be included in the pattern handout for my workshop at the Sewing Expo's Georgia Quilt Show this October. www.georgiaquiltshow.com

There are still places available in the workshop, so sign up now! This is a class that allows you to bring your own fabric or purchase a fabric kit from the workshop leader (that's me). 

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