Friday, September 7, 2012

September - Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Today's post isn't about quilting. It's about September...Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. My granddaughter who is now 17 years old was diagnosed 5 years ago with CML leukemia. Unknown to us, she was born with leukemia, but we didn't find out until she was 13 when she was suddenly in crisis. Two weeks in Scottish Rite hospital in Atlanta and the wonderful treatment she received there saved her life. The generosity of the many people who have donated to childhood cancer research has provided a particular chemo that continues to save her life. I have two pictures to share. One is of Madeline, a happy, healthy 17 year old with a full, active life while living with cancer. She is a senior in high school and looking forward to college.

The next picture is not as exciting. It is a picture of her medicine. It is delivered monthly to her home by express delivery. It is very, very expensive and someone must be home to sign for it as it cannot be left on the door step and must be refrigerated right away. Here is the box delivering life saving chemo to Madeline who would not have lived more than a year after her diagnosis without it.

Our family became suddenly aware of the vital importance of helping to fund childhood cancer research. The whole family, in many different ways, helps the Rally Foundation –, an organization that raises money to fund that research. If you have a chance to support someone who is raising funds for childhood cancer research, think of Madeline and all the children like her who are living because of the generosity of others and your good will to theirs.

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