Thursday, September 13, 2012

Log Cabin Quilts - Basics and Beyond

For the past year my sister and I have been working on our 3rd book, Log Cabin Quilts – the basics and beyond. The quilts are made, the instructions are finished and all has been sent to the publisher. One of the most exciting parts of this process is to see what the book cover will look like. To sell the book quilters must first be enticed to pick up the book and look inside to see the contents. It is the cover that provides this enticement. This cover is is sure to tempt quilters and then some.

Our overall concept in writing the book is to have it become the "go to" book for making log cabin quilts from the most basic to the creative and innovative. 

In the chapter on basics we present seven classic settings for log cabin quilts that come from traditional quilts. We researched antique quilts to find these settings. Some of them you will be familiar with and others are not seen as often. The two most popular settings are straight furrows and barn raising. This is the barn raising setting.

Last year at Quilt Festival two of my good friends, Gyleen Fitzgerald and Beth Ridder volunteered to make a quilt for the book. Gyleen made a Courthouse Steps using her own hand dyed fabrics. Beth took up my offer to send fabrics from my stash to make a quilt design I selected. I asked her to make the barn raising and here is the result. Beth is a fantastic longarm quilter and the quilting is phenomenal. 

In the Stepping Out chapter we present ten contemporary settings for arranging log cabin blocks. All of the quilts in the book can be made using the Log Cabin Trim Tool and the Log Cabin Trim Tool Two. We also give cutting instructions to make the blocks without the tools. The book has photo lessons showing how to make the basic log cabin block so a beginning quilter can enjoy sewing this popular quilt.


  1. Congratulations.The quilt on the cover is fantastic!

  2. Love the cover and the quilt..congratulations!! Look forward to when the book is released!

  3. Wow. What a stunning cover quilt. It sure catches my eye with those gorgeous colors. That looks like it would be a great book since I'm still considering myself 'new' to quilting since I just started a little more than two years ago but haven't made many quilts yet. I've been studying more than doing.

  4. Vicki, making a log cabin quilt used to involve a lot of math and measuring to get all the fabric logs the right length. I hate math and measuring. I just want to start sewing! That's why I designed the Log Cabin Trim Tool. Now I can just sew first and trim the logs to size after they are sewn in place. I am turning out stacks of blocks in half the time. I call it Lickety-split Log Cabin. Such fun!

  5. Looks set to be another winner! Love it - and the new tool sounds pretty good too. Hoping to pick up both in Houston?