Wednesday, November 5, 2014

camping out

In just one month I will be moving from Marietta GA to Washington DC. This week I am camping out in my new apartment so I can get the internet up and running and have the hospital OR room white walls painted in my favorite colors. While here I am sewing the last quilt I need for my new book, Curvy Log Cabin Quilts by Landauer Publishing www.landauercorp,com Here are some pictures to show how necessity can really challenge a quilter when determined to sew, but quilters always win!
Here is my quilters reversible ironing and cutting surface. In this photo I am trimming the first round of a block using my 8" Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool
Have you seen the new Stripology ruler by Gudrun? It is so cool I wish I had thought of it myself. Being a Creative Grids ruler I just added it to my growing ruler collection. I use it every day to cut the strips I need for all of my strip pieced blocks. I have discovered if I cut all my strips in 3 sizes - 1-1/2", 2" and 2-1/2" I can store them in color groups and always have strips ready to use when I want to sew. The Stripology ruler has little square symbols to cut strips at 2-1/2" intervals, star symbols to cut at 1-1/2" intervals and I just use the inch markings to cut at 2" intervals (I learned to count by 2's in elementary school). My cutting is always quick and accurate with the Stripology ruler.
Sewing on a plastic folding table can be a challenge. The machine makes the table bounce so it is fun trying to keep everything in place. Note the 2 folded quilts I am using for chair pads and the cardboard carton I am using for a waste basket to catch my fabric snippings.


  1. How exciting to move to DC. I hope your move goes smoothly. Looks like you are already quite productive. Thanks for sharing insights on the new ruler. Have heard about it, but I appreciate your recommendation. I'll try to check it out soon. One can never have too many good rulers.


  2. Good luck in your move to DC!

  3. Hi Jean I lived in DC for 10 years on Capital Hill. Did you get elected to congress?!? It is a great city but hot in the summer or at least as hot as GA. Have fun and hope to see you in Idaho soon.