Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Denver log cabin/crazy quilts

Here is another picture from the Denver Quilt Museum in Golden, CO. I was delighted to see a crazy quilt made of cotton fabrics in what might loosely call log cabin blocks. At least the fabric strips are obviously sewn around a center square, the defining character of a log cabin block. The layers not quilted together, they were tied with a yarn or string of some sort. The block on the left features the American flag and is dated 1886 (or 1888). The block on the right was made by Ruth (last name unreadable) and dated 1887. The quilt is reversible as a pieced top with just squares of fabric measuring about 2" square was used for the reverse side. There is cotton batting between the layers.

Looking at these quilt blocks we have to conclude that modern day quilters did not discover or invent or design what we call "wonky" log cabin blocks. It is always heart warming to see what's old is new again and to revel in continuing the wonderful traditions of quiltmaking.

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