Friday, August 21, 2020

Tropical Quilting

Born in Michigan, raised in Palm Beach...Most of my memories are of 50 years in the tropics. I have two quilts made with the tropics in mind. Not far from my home in Florida was the home of the Orchid Society. They had a beautiful garden filled with all kinds of orchids. This is a larger adaptation of my Mirror Ball Dots quilt. I used a triple rail fence block to alternate with the circles in this quilt. Each of the appliqué dots features a different orchid plant. 

There were palm trees everywhere. We could pick up a coconut from the ground, bust it open with a hammer and screw driver to remove the husk. The coconut within had "eyes", little round circles that we punched open and drank the warm coconut milk on the spot. Next we cracked it open to pry out the coconut meat and have a nice tropical snack. 
Tropic Palms became a strippy quilt because I wanted to showcase the vertical pattern of he palm leaves printed in the fabric. There was very little piecing other than the Bachelor's Puzzle blocks in the center strip and the two vertical rows of Flying Geese units on each side. This is one of my favorite quilts. 

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