Thursday, August 13, 2020

Round Robin Quilts

 Several years ago there were quite a few groups on the internet doing Round Robin Quilts. Here are quilts from my Round Robin Quilt groups. Since many of us are still staying very much at home, this is a good way to quilt in a group. 

Birdhouse blocks were popular at the time and my flirtation with log cabin blocks is represented with the center log cabin birdhouse in the quilt on the right.

My friend Debby Kratovil was one of the quilters contributing to the Noah quilt.

Most of these groups were made up of 4 to 6 quilters. We had a list in order of who received the quilt after we added our part. We also indicated if a border or more blocks were to be added and if piecing or applique was used to make the next round. Each group made up their own rules. Mostly the rules were followed but sometimes not didn't matter, we were very forgiving if someone did their own thing.

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