Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week #5 Dottie Do Little Mystery

At last! Sunbonnet Sleuth is solving our mystery. What to do with all those blocks? Let's sew them together in rows...vertical rows, rows that go up and down.

Quilt Assembly

The quilt is sewn together in vertical rows. Each vertical row has 2 Blocks A,  2 Blocks B, 1 Block C and 1 Block D. The assembly diagram shows how I arranged the blocks in rows to make my quilt.

Quilt Assembly Diagram

You can arrange your rows exactly like mine or you can play with an arrangement of your own for each row. Just remember, each row must have 2 Blocks A, 2 Blocks B, 1 Block C and 1 Block D in each row.  A design wall is a great help in making your own arrangement. You can place the blocks on the wall then step back to see how you like your arrangement. You can play with changing blocks around until you get an arrangement pleasing to your eye. Then just sew it all together.

Now to cut and sew the borders. Yes, that's right we are going to finish the quilt top this week. Quilts made in the modern style use lots of white and also use gray. So I used white borders with gray binding to give the quilt a modern frame.

Next week I will show the photograph of my finished quilt and announce the winner of the Log Cabin Quilts book that my sister and I wrote. Remember to leave a comment. Your name will be entered each week as you leave comments, that way you will be added to the giveaway more than once.

Sunbonnet Sleuth Mystery #6 will begin the first week of March.


  1. OK, I'm confused. The shopping list from week one had us get 3/4 yd of teal and I ran out before we used it last week and had to substitute from my stash--now we need more for the border? And what about the gray we were to use--Did we use it somewhere? I missed it if we did. and I have lots of white left over. I love your layout and will order more teal to finish it the way you show but I was wondering how I misunderstood the directions so much.

  2. You are right the teal is not the border, the 2-1/2 yards of white polka dot is for the blocks and for the outside borders.

  3. i had a tough time with the teal and the aqua. i used a focus fabric for the teal. then, i thought that the aqua was the same as the teal, because i had never seen that there was a call for teal and assumed it was the aqua. of course i too ran out. i absloutely LOVE the layout and the pattern, i think there needs to be a bit of proofreading the clues to make it be a bit clearer, but a job well done in the design and the graphics etc of the presentation. a really nice and easy quilt that can be adapted in so many ways with so many fabrics. thanks for the mystery jean ann. this has been fun ;o)

  4. I bought from the shopping list as well. I, too, used the aqua as the teal, so I ended up using stash for one color and it just didn't work. I ended up having a ton of aqua inside squares. I'm going to go back and re-do some stuff to make this work. Not sure I'll have to time to frog the blocks and re-do them in this time frame. Thanks for the mystery and I'd certainly volunteer to be a tester.

  5. i too would love to be a tester....if you use them that, i had to wait of step 3 because of not having enough of the focus fabric but i really made it work. i ended up using a lot more white. i finished the quilt top today, but still need to add the borders. i have to see what i can eek out of the focus fabric to see if i can piece enough for even a very narrow inner border. like i said before, i really like the graphics of the pattern, and now that i know what it looks like, i can put together another one with a bit more planning and making sure there is enough fabrics. grey for the binding....i can see that as a design element. not sure if i am going to go that route, but i can appreciate it as a design choice.

    1. I can vouch for Lynne making a good tester. Lynne has even ran a mystery before and I was her tester! She calls me Curious George and I call her The Man In The Yellow Hat.