Monday, February 4, 2013

Log Cabin Play

I have so many log cabin blocks in little stacks around my sewing room that I decided it was time to put some of them into quilts. Here is a 36 block quilt using a design layout created by my sister, Janet Houts. We use this as a log cabin workshop with the log cabin trim tool

I love scrap quilts and this one uses a variety of strips cut from my batik stash. I have been buying fat quarters of batiks for years and finally started using them to make log cabin quilts for my books and workshops. Batiks make great log cabin quilts. They are so rich in color and pattern. You can see I used every "crayon" in my box with this one. Pink, orange, red, blue, teal, purple, green, you name it, that color is in this quilt. The lights have tints of all these colors and add to the richness of the overall quilt.

How do you plan a scrap quilt? You don't! There is only one easy rule. As you add each new strip, pick one that looks good next to the strip that you are adding it to. How easy is that? I tried to have a good variety of color on the dark side of each block...some hots, some cools, some dark, some medium values, etc. When the quilt was put together there was a good mix overall.

This quilt had to be arranged on a design wall. The blocks twist and turn in a new way and getting everyone of them in the right direction was a real challenge. Now I just have to think of a name for the quilt, any ideas?

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