Sunday, February 10, 2013

And the Winner is....

The Dotty Do Little mystery is over and it is time for the big reveal. The reveal of the winner of my new book, Log Cabin Quilts, the Basics and Beyond, is---


Rosa left 2 comments over the 5 weeks of the mystery so her name was entered into the drawing two times. Congratulations Rosa!

The other big reveal is the Dotty Do Little quilt that I made. I didn't have enough of the white polka dot for the outside border so I used a big, happy print. I think I would have liked the white polka dot better, but I am determined to sew down my stash. To be more of a modern quilt, the white polka dot is a must have for the borders.

I love this quilt and I have a young couple I am quite fond of, and if their baby (due next month) is a girl it's going to be their baby quilt. I hope the colors work with their nursery. 


  1. Wow,looks gorgeous!!.

    I`m thrilled.Dancing and shouting.Thanks!!

  2. Love the quilt Jean Ann! I did not see the last clue notices on the yahoo group and finally found the blog again tonight and see it's over. Anywhooo...that is one fun looking quilt. Love to hear about you trying to sew down your stash. So am I! Now that I see the reveal, I can utilize my stash on it better and make some kids quilts for charity.

    And it does not have to match the nursery. The babies go outside the nurseries. I bet they would be proud to have that quilt.

  3. Sorry, Jean Ann... I love the border fabric (and the quilt)!
    Barb in MI/FL